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Monica is in her element when creating Web Sites, Graphics for your business, or playing with your photos.
Creativity is what she craves, and it makes her feel great to make YOU look FABULOUS!


Draper Web Design - Monica Draper

From a very young age, Monica excelled in creative arts. At a time when her mother expected her to focus on cake decorating, tole painting, sewing and gardening she already stepped out of the box and turned her creativity to machine shop, welding, drafting and furniture refinishing. Beyond this she also learned pottery, stained glass, upholstery, soap making, scrapbooking, house decorating and quilting (both designing and entering her pieces into competitions). She finds extreme pleasure in taking everyday objects and turning them into AMAZING pieces of art. This is exactly what she does for you when she carries her creativity into your Web Design.

Despite all of this talent Monica spent 18 years working in the IT department of a major financial institution. We all know that banks are NOT creative so you can only imagine how stifled she was. There came a point in her life when she knew she could no longer hide her gifts. Monica then made the scary decision to start her own company, where she could combine the computer knowledge gained from her banking experience with her innate creative talent.

When you decide to start your own business and work with Monica for your Web Design and Graphic Arts, you have the benefit of her technical expertise mixed with her natural artistic talents. What a great mix!

what our satisfied customers have to say:

Draper Web Design

"As a designer myself, I was very particular about the look that I wanted for my website, and I was very pleased when Monica made it easy by working with me to create a website that matched my vision."

Sonia Comire

Draper Web Design

"Monica has a true gift for piecing together the right images and words to create the branded image for my website and all of my social media sites."

Dagmar Schoenrock

Draper Web Design