Image Art

... makes and AMAZING 'One of a Kind' gift.

Then we take it a little farther, we play with your photos. We call it ImageArt. We can manipulate, restore or update any photo to make it a special creation just for you.

Take those special photos and have them made into a poster or hard copy table book.

These are great for Special Interests, Genealogy, Sports Enthusiasts, Family Members (GREAT Gift for grandparents), Special Friends, Weddings, Graduations and Anniversay's. In fact they are GREAT for any occassion.

Perfect gift for the person who is hard to by for, or already has everything.

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What an amazing way to stage your special photos! Give a gift that is totally "Unique" ... one that will be treasured and appreciated for a long long long time.

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Special Interest

Whatever it may be ... from auto racing, gymnastics, band, hiking, swimming, motorsports, the list is ENDLESS. Give the gift of a memory. A special moment in time. One that can be appreciated and talked about. How perfect that would be.

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Family Genealogy

As parents age ... what do you give them. You want something that is special, something that makes them feel loved. Give the gift of family. A picture/poster that can hang on their wall. One that they can look at and reminisce with love.

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This is a great way to remember your very special vacation. Be it 10 years, 20 years, 50 years ... or your first one to a place on this earth that is worth remembering.

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Sports Activities

What son or daughter wouldn't love to be a hero? The pride that they would feel as they see themselves in a sport that really interests them. And why just your son or daughter? Maybe there is something YOU remember with fondness. Maybe a football shot of your college team of 40 years ago. Great conversation piece for when your team mates come for a visit.

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Happy Birthday

Be it your 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th ... or 96th birthday. What a great way to remember. You'll always walk by with a smile.

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School Trips

For whatever reason your class takes you on a trip ... remember it. Remember your colleague and the time you spent together. Then when they come for a visit, open a bottle of wine and laugh at the memories.

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Alzheimer Patients

BEST GIFT EVER! As the disease progresses they loose memory of who everyone is. This is so sad. My mother has Alzheimer's and I make special posters that I put around the room with all her family members. This keeps her family close by, and she needs that.

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Great photos make great memories! Don't leave them in the album. Display them, make a collage that will hang proudly on your wall. Feel the love.

what our satisfied customers have to say:

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"Thank you Monica. We couldn't wipe the smile from Jason's face!"

Kathryn Bachhofer 
Journey's by Kathryn

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"Monica combines her skill on the computer with a creative flare. Whether the assignment be a website design, or organizing your photos,  Monica captures the vision you are trying to portray.  For me, Monica created a flashback to some special holiday moments. The poster has been a talking point to all who visit my home.  Awesome!"

Linda Shaw 

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